Unlimited Yearly Press Release Distribution By PRBuzz - A Review on PRBuzz

2019-01-03 11:59:55

PRBuzz is a company that claims to reach “Thousands of popular news sites and blog publication”. As their website shows, they offer these press release distribution services stating “unlimited press releases for $299 per year for a single company or $499 per year for resellers”, which sounds quite promising!

In this article,  some concrete evidence will be shown on how they back up their claim. 

With their $299 plan a year, the customers get their press release published on their own webpage and it gets publications on some cheap and “spammy websites” characterized by Google.

A quick Google search on two of their recently distributed press releases shows that the publication was only made to their website. No other media outlets have published the press releases. Which provokes a thought that “was the press release even distributed at all?”. Here are the screenshots of those two searches:


It can be concluded without hesitation that PRBuzz is nothing but a “lost cause” and a bad decision of investing both valuable time and money of the customers. 

Here is what Ereleases say about PRBuzz**:

A PRWeb customer who had switched to PRDistrubtion.com writes in a review that “I use PR Buzz to help me pick-up low lying fruit. My program is the $499 Unlimited Distribution Reseller program. This means I can put out press releases for any domain that I want, while all links in the $299 program all must go back to one website. I work with different brands, so $499 is reasonable” *. 

Another customer of PRBuzz comments on that review “The problem with PR Buzz is that it charges you without delivering the really important link juice. You can put your money to much better use“ *.

When compared to PRBuzz, PRDistribution.com offers distribution to thousands of media outlets, from which more than 400 media outlets pick up the press release. The top-tier newswires like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, Bloomberg and CW owns those media outlets. It gives their clients maximum visibility and the clients get a huge exposure. The press release distribution service also helps with SEO and in boosting up Google search because of the backlinks which are recognized by Google (showing up Google Search Console).

Here is a screenshot of a press release on Google Search distributed by PRDistribution.com:

Sending only one press release from PRDistribution.com with their Premium Pro plan which costs $129, will bring visibility, more media outlets, more traffic, and more SEO backlinks than writing a press release every day of the year using the PRBuzz $299 service. 

*From a review by one of their clients and comments to that review in Quora.
**Ereleases article on PRBuzz Unlimited Press Releases

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